Jennifer Rogers has written a stunning spiritual children’s book unlike any other!  While The Stars Are At Play is filled with hope, inspiration, and guidance. This book is a reminder that light is at the core of every child, and thus a source of self-worth, self-healing, and self-trust. There is no greater gift that she could share with the precious beings who will one day be the caretakers of our planet. Although my children are older, they absolutely loved it and have reread it more times than I could count. This is a must-read for every child…and a perfect book to share!

  • Kim O’Neill, channel, speaker, columnist, and author of How To Talk With Your Angels;
    Bond With Your Baby Before Birth; and The Calling: My Journey With The Angels.

While The Stars Are At Play is fundamentally about the goodness of creation and is a work of spirituality that reminds us what is most important. It reminds me of Psalm 150 and the Book of Psalms in general with its words of praise. I am also reminded of a quote, attributed to mystic and Sufi poet Hafiz, about a particular star – the sun — “Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, ‘you owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights up the whole sky.” This book emphasizes all that we have been given is a gift, and that there is nothing else we should do but live lives and speak words of gratitude!

  • Thomas Ryan, Ph.D., Director of the Loyola Institute for Ministry, Professor of Theology and Ministry, Loyola University New Orleans

Chasing Grace tells the intriguing story of a child’s journey to find grace, with unexpected pardon in the most unlikely of places.  This story ministers to children and parents of children searching for hope, love, and purpose.  Jennifer gives readers an opportunity to explore their own lives through the eyes of Chase and to be uplifted by important discoveries that change his life and the readers’ for the better.   The sea creatures come alive in a magical way as they guide Chase on his journey to discover what is already inside of him.  This book explores the heart of a child and reveals special gifts through colorful imagery and clever words.  This is a gift to be shared with children and parents everywhere.  Jennifer, you continue to inspire us all!

Sheila Sturgis Craig, MA
Inter-Associate Deputy Executive Commissioner
Center for Elimination of Disproportionality and Disparities
Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Chasing Grace is a tender and poignant story that is all too common for children healing from painful childhood experiences.   Jennifer paints a beautiful story of how love and grace can conquer fear and pain.   Her story personifies God’s gift of grace that is available to each of us when we are ready to accept it, and underscores the inherent value of each child.  She provides thought-provoking discussion starters inspired by her own experience working with system-involved children.   This book is particularly well-suited for parents, counselors and other childcare professionals who are helping children of all ages understand the lessons that can be gleaned during or after distressing situations.

Tammy Holland, CVA
Manager of Family, Community, and Chaplaincy Programs
Texas Juvenile Justice Department